All German Autos’ owner, Martin Christensen, joins the all- Russian off-road race team of Sergey Shmakov in the 2007 Dakar Rally

Christensen has over 27 years of racing experience with numerous victories and championships. From Danish motocross to the SCORE Class 1 circuit, he is known as a top competitor and the man to beat. It is because of this that he was approached in 2005 by the Russian race team of Sergey Shmakov to build and supply a BMW V8 engine, built with DINAN performance parts. Martin Christensen was also asked to drive the support truck in the upcoming 2007 Dakar Rally. This 5,467 mile race stretching from Lisbon, Portugal to Dakar, Senegal is the most challenging and treacherous rally race in the world, and not even Christensen’s 27 years of experience could prepare him for this journey.

To read the article published in the North County Times Wednesday, January 31, 2007, and to view a map of the course, please visit the links below: