Car Care Tips

August 20, 2014
Porsche M491 had brakes done
August 18, 2014
BMW in the AGA shop with a broken Dinan intake tube
August 15, 2014
  This Carrera S got Eibach Pro Springs, SharkWerks Center Muffler Bypass, Evolution software upgrade and front and rear wheel spacers. Lowering the vehicle has given it an aggressive street stance.   
August 6, 2014
This repair is due to a malfunction in the Super Charger output stage. This is a common problem related to excess current demand by the clutch or a mechanical failure of the bearing causing the pulley to rub on the clutch creating electrical spikes on the circuit.    
August 6, 2014
Client brought in his Porsche because the inner door handle wasn't sitting flush after opening
August 5, 2014
Our customer brought in her vehicle because it had an oil leak. Once our BMW master technician had a look at the vehicle...  
July 28, 2014
This 996 Turbo is having cooling pipes and transmission updated 
July 24, 2014
Minor sunroof repair on a beautiful Guards Red 1985 Porsche Carrera