Donation of BMW 525i at the 20th Anniversary Celebration

To show our appreciation for the support we have received from the community over the last 20 years, we have decided to donate a car to an Escondido resident.

"We are grateful to have been part of the Escondido community for 20 years and wanted to show our appreciation by giving back to the local community," says Martin Christensen, Owner of All German Auto. With the help of the Escondido Charitable Foundation, we have identified our recipient, Melissa. Melissa's story is truly amazing! Melissa is a single mother of three children. Her oldest son is 12 and attends a local middle school. He is an avid reader. She also has twins, one boy and one girl who just turned 3. She came to the housing program last January jobless and in need of housing due to the death of her oldest son's father, he was in a tragic car accident which resulted in quadriplegia. Melissa took on responsibility of becoming the sole caregiver for over six years until he died from complications. Because she was his full time caregiver and lived at his residence, his death left her jobless and without housing. Melissa had to overcome his traumatic loss and through the housing program she has obtained employment and is on the top for permanent housing. She is working at a senior living facility as a caregiver. She has only been with the company for a little over six months and has already received added responsibilities. She really enjoys working there and with her clients. "Part of Melissa's job responsibilities is to drive clients to and from appointments," said Jack Campbell, Chair of The Escondido Charitable Foundation. "With this new car, Melissa will now be able to keep her job and thus qualify for permanent housing. All German Auto's generosity will help Melissa to build a new life for her and her children. If anyone deserves a break and some stability in life, it's Melissa and her family." Jack Campbell continued.

Melissa's story is extra-ordinary. She is an unselfish, giving person willing to provide help to people around her who need it. We were happy to be able to support her by donating this car. It will help her retain her employment, thus qualifying her for permanent housing and to finally build a stable and fulfilling life with her children and the rest of the community.