Fuel Injector Removal and Installation

June 5th, 2017



With the introduction of direct injection fuel systems, changing fuel injectors has become more complex. In order to perform direct injector removal and installation, you must have the injector seal remover and installation tools.


The AGA Direct Fuel Injector Removal and Installation Kit. This kit includes the easy to use injector seals remover and installation tools, which make the fuel injector lines easier to reach.


This tool is not only very easy to use, but is extremely cost effective. AGA’s Direct Fuel Injector and Removal Kit ensure that the tightening the fuel lines is done correctly, reducing the risk of devastating effects such as fires. This tool is designed to exceed the OEM standards, offering outstanding value at a reduced price.


Using this tool reduces the labor time, which saves you money! Click here to see how we do the repair.

 *This tool works on most models of cars, give us a call to confirm that it's an option for your specific car (760)738-4626