Billet Aluminum Power Steering Reservoir

December 13, 2011

The power steering reservoir is plastic and has very low heat dissipation. As a result, the steering system overheats if the car is driven hard. Even if driven normal in warm climates, the system runs hot causing the life of the steering component to be reduced.

All German Auto has developed a billet 6061 aluminum power steering reservoir. The billet finned design offers superior heat dissipation over the stock reservoir. The internal replaceable hi flow filter offers better than stock filtration with less back pressure.

This AGA power steering reservoir is a direct bolt in part that installs in minutes. It lowers the power steering system temperature significa
ntly, extends power steering component life, prevents steering fluid from overheating in hard driving conditions, and has a replaceable filter.

AGA-PSR-6061-097-164 (Straight Fittings) replaces BMW part # 32-41-1-097-164

AGA-PSR-6061-228-855 (Angled Fittings) replaces BMW part # 32-41-2-228-855


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