Broken BMW Z3 Rear Differential Mount Repair


This issue usually begins with a complaint of loud noises or clunking in the rear. This typically happens on the “M” model of the Z3 where the engine is a lot more powerful and puts a lot of stress on the chassis. However, we do see it on the Z3 2.3L with the smaller engine.

The mount sandwiches around the rear part of the diff and supports it to the chassis. This transfers the torque to the car. From the top of the trunk we open it up and lay a support that is 18” inside and is cherry bud welded through the chassis and up the area that the mount goes. This spreads the load out to a very big area of the floor board of the car. In addition we have also carried the support out to the frame. 

This is a very time consuming repair but it saves the car and it’s stronger than before!