E39 Power Steering Reservoir

July 1, 2010

The power steering reservoir leaks from the weep hole in the cap. The fluid capacity in the stock reservoir is very small. The fluid gets very hot and if the car is driven hard. The system overheats. In severe cases it causes loss of steering.

All German Auto has developed an all aluminum power steering reservoir made of 6061 aluminum with superior heat dissipation and increased fluid capacity with internal baffles so it doesn’t push any fluid out through the vent tube.

This AGA Power steering reservoir increases the fluid capacity from the factory 330ml to 800ml which is about three times the capacity of the factory part. Improves heat dissipation. Lowers power steering temperature and extends pump life.


For more information or to order the product please visit: www.agacoolantpipe.com/product/e39-power-steering-reservoir