N62 Coolant Pipe

July 7, 2010

Symptom: Coolant Leak
Coolant will be leaking from hole in front of timing cover (located close to water pump towards passenger side). In front timing cover, the hole is approx: ¼.

Rubber seal on aluminum cooling tube has failed. Coolant is leaking into back area of engine timing cover and out of hole.

Bigger Problem: 
Replacing this seal/tube is a very, very big job and very expensive.

Install an AGA collapsible cooling tube. We have designed a tube and seals that can be installed (by experienced tech) in under 10 hours.

A potential $7,000 - $9,000 repair job is now achieved for less than $2,000. Additionally, the repair can be completed same-day compared to 2-3 weeks.

 For more information or to order the product please visit:  www.agacoolantpipe.com/product/n62-coolant-pipe