N62 Secondary Air Cleaner

April 22, 2013

BMW CODE 170, using the BMW Factory Scan Tool OR CODE P0491 for Bank 1 Cylinder 1-4 (right side) or CODE P0492 for Bank 2 Cylinder 5-8 (left side), using a Generic Scan Tool. This normally occurs in vehicles with 100,000+ miles. 

The air flow from the secondary air injection pump doesn’t reach into the exhaust system because the system is blocked. Therefore, the O2 sensors before the catalytic converter don’t register a dip in mixture and it sets the code and results in the check engine light coming on.

Using the AGA N62 Secondary Air Cleaner Kit.

This takes an extremely expensive repair down to a fraction of the cost by using a very simple kit made by All German Auto.

Air comes in from the secondary air injection pump, through the hose and into the hard line where it splits off. The air comes into the emissions control valve (which is a one way valve) passes through the aluminum tube and into the cylinder head. This is where the restriction is that we are going to clean out. This repair can be done with the engine in the vehicle.


 For more information or to order the product please visit: www.agacoolantpipe.com/product/n62-secondary-air-cleaner