N62 Valve Stem Seal Replacement

August 3rd 2016


Is your tail pipe smoking? This is due to bad valve seals. The valve stem seal problem is that the old valve stem seal becomes hard over time and doesn’t provide the proper seal between the seal and stem. This allows oil to pass through and enter the combustion chamber and exhaust. The oil consumption here is bad for a lot of different reasons. Obviously smoking, but also decreased catalytic converter life. We’ve seen a number of cars that have set CAT inefficiency codes and these codes can go away if you replace the seals if done in time.



This is why we invented the AGA N62 Valve Stem Seal Tool Kit. It allows you to perform Valve Stem Seal Repair without removing the engine, cylinder heads, or cams. This repair not only saves you hours of labor, but also eliminates having to have thousands of dollars invested in cam timing tools. This is one of the few tools a shop can buy and recover the cost already on the 1st job performed.

This eliminates smoking from the exhaust, reduces risk of damaging cat converters and plugging the secondary air injection. This will also allow the car to pass smog. There is no need to remove Intake or exhaust cams or buy expensive valve timing tool. There is no longer a risk of setting the cam timing incorrectly. Plus, you have the assurance of being able to sell the valve stem job to the customer, rather than having them go to another shop for the repair.

Here at All German Auto we have informed staff on this issue who will trouble shoot any problem you may have over the telephone to the best of our ability. We have several shops and individuals who purchase this our kit worldwide. For more information on this product you may call our products department at 760-738-4084 or visit our website at www.agatools.com. Learn more about the N62 Valve Stem Seal Tool Kit by AGA Tools and be sure to check out our video, which shows you how to complete a N62 valve stem seal replacement repair using our custom-made tools.