Sunshade Repair Kit

May 11, 2017

 Problem: The T-sliders are made of plastic and easily break. The T-sliders are not sold separately from BMW and it is costly to replace the entire sunshade.

Solution: All German Auto has created a stronger T-slider made of 6061 aluminum so that it will never break.

Benefit:  A potential $1100 to $1500 replacement of the sunshade would now be a repair job at a fraction of the cost. The T-sliders will last longer and are sold separately.


NOTE: Due to multiple vendors manufacturing factory rear sunshade assemblies from year to year, it is impossible to determine with absolute certainty that our sunshade repair kit will fit the sunshade in your vehicle. Before ordering, please take a close look at the sunshade in your vehicle and ensure that the shapes of your sunshade sliders are the same shape as the replacements that we offer and that the sunshade slider is the broken portion of your sunshade.


Here at All German Auto we have informed staff on this issue who will trouble shoot any problem you may have over the telephone to the best of our ability. We have several shops and individuals who purchase this our kit worldwide. For more information on this product you may call our products department at 760-738-4084 or visit our website at Learn more about the BMW Sunshade Repair Kit by AGA Tools and be sure to check out our video, which shows you how to complete a sunshade replacement  using our custom-made tools.