Mercedes Benz Throttle Lever Repair

September 22nd, 2016



A check engine light is on with code P2004, P2005 or P2006. This indicates the plastic factory throttle lever is broken. We have created a lever that is made from 6061 billet aluminum. This lever is much more durable and less like to break than the plastic factory lever. Our lever allows you to replace the intake manifold lever without having to purchase the entire manifold from Mercedes-Benz.


Since you no longer need to purchase the entire manifold to make the repair, this dramatically reduces the cost.This saves both the repair facility and the customer hundreds of dollars.


 Here at All German Auto we have informed staff on this issue who will trouble shoot any problem you may have over the telephone to the best of our ability. We have several shops and individuals who purchase our products worldwide. For more information on this product you may call our products department at 760-738-4084 or visit our website at Learn more about the Mercedes Benz Throttle Lever by AGA Tools and be sure to check out our instructional video, at