Porsche Transmission Mount Repair

August 3, 2016

Driving your Porsche 996 or 997 with a manual transmission and you feel a slight vibration when accelerating, or feel a clunk when in reverse. What happens is the vulcanized rubber separates from the housing on the mount. This causes a broken transmission mount. What causes the vibration is the mount lifting in the opposite direction. If you were to perform this job without the AGA Transmission Tool, the mount is very expensive and can be difficult to replace. The tool includes the removal and installation mandrel, cylinder, cylinder cap, two threaded rods for compression. This allows you to replace the transmission mount with the transmission in the car.

Watch our instructional video to learn how to replace your transmission mount using the Porsche Transmission Mount Tool by AGA Tools or view the written instructions here. The process is a little bit different if you have a Tiptronic transmission. If you have a tiptronic transmission, please refer to the Porsche Tiptronic mount replacement installation instructions. We have knowledgeable staff on this issue who can help troubleshoot over the telephone at 760-738-4084 or by email at rich@agatools.com

Using our tool you can easily replace the transmission mount without removing the transmission. This will save you time and money, when replacing and removing the transmission mount is very difficult and costly. Being able to replace the transmission mount with the transmission in the car will increase shop sales due to an affordable solution offered to the customer. With a lower labor cost this makes the job performed more affordable, which is more appealing to the customer.

As a shop this is a better alternative because this will increase sales. The customer is more opt to save money and time and will be more willing to approve the work needed. This will also save time for the shop as it will cut back on labor time.