Porsche Transmission Mount Tool

May 16, 2017


  • Problem: Slight vibration when accelerating in a Porsche 996 or 997 with a manual transmission. The failure that occurs to the mount is the vulcanized rubber separates from the housing on the mount. This is a broken transmission mount. Without the AGA Transmission Tool, the mount is very expensive and is difficult to replace.
  • Solution: Easily replace the transmission mount with the transmission in car, using our tool.
  • Benefit: Able to replace failed transmission mount with the transmission in the car, will increase shop sales due to affordable solution offered to the customer.
  • Please Note: Transmission mount sold separately.


Here at All German Auto we have informed staff on this issue who will trouble shoot any problem you may have over the telephone to the best of our ability. We have several shops and individuals who purchase this our kit worldwide. For more information on this product you may call our products department at 760-738-4084 or visit our website at www.agatools.com. Learn more about the Porsche Transmission Mount Tool by AGA Tools and be sure to check out our video, which shows you how to use our Porsche Transmission Mount Tool.