At All German Auto, we strive to restore, enhance, and optimize the performance of your German car in order to provide you with the outmost and satisfactory potential of your car.

We appreciate the feedback of our customers and we will do anything in our power to keep our customers satisfied with our service.

All German Auto

Overall, I have had great experience with the folks at AGA. Many of their staff are quite knowledgeable. The service is quite friendly.

The only bad experience I had was after AGA did an oil change, the staff and I found an air conduit cover left loosely covered, the mechanic left his tool in my car, and I was charged for one additional quart of motor oil than my past visits. I must stress that this was the only bad experience I had.

None the less, for the past fours years, AGA was quite satisfactory!! I will continue to recommend AGA.

By Liam
All German Auto

My Mini is just out of warranty and I have been taking it to the dealer.
I just got quoted over $1000 by the dealer for some front suspension bushings.

All German Auto quoted $450. I left my Mini there for 3/4 day, it was done before promissed and they even gave me a ride home with their shuttle.

When I picked up the car it was washed and cleaned and the bill was $438 :-)) . They even said they used factory parts but could do the labor for less with some special tool they had.
I will not take my Baby anywhere else form now on. Every one at All
German Auto seemed very professionel and friendly.
The cleanest non dealer shop I have ever seen.
All together a great experience and the price was awesome.

By Anonymous
All German Auto

I have a 1996 BMW Z3 Roadster and have been taking it to All German Auto for about 10 years. Before that I went to the various BMW dealerships and got ripped off for parts and labor and time!!! AGA finds the problem and fixes it the fastest and the most economical. They also make recommendations about any future possible problems. I trust them explicitly and being a woman in a man's world, that's very important to me. They have always been friendly, professional and honest which is hard to find these days! They have the most knowledgeable mechanics and come up with solutions to problems dealerships can't even begin to fathom. Because they are also professional race car drivers and race car owners they know the latest and greatest in car repair. The one thing that really impacted me was how fairly priced they were. They always go over everything before the work begins to explain exactly what they will be doing and the cost. This not a hard sale dealership type auto repair place. When you walk in the first thing you feel is "wow, professional". I love this place! I recommend it to young and old. Say hello to Judy from Judy for me!

By Sparky
All German Auto

I only take my cars to the best because they are very fragile. Yes, it is a little more to work on these cars so you have to be careful where you take them. These people are Honest, and my car was there for two days, not bad. I trust them with my expensive car. They took good car of me.

By Claude G.
All German Auto

I take my BMW here, and they have done honest work, and not broke the bank, so to speak. So I have always felt they have taken the time to help me out.
At least I leave with a car that works again! They have proven over the years to be trustworthy of my business.

By Andrea M.
All German Auto

If you own a German vehicle, I would say this has got to be the best place ever for car repairs! I have brought my car here twice now and have always got the best service ever. I had a wheel bearing go out 2 1/2 years ago and took my car to a friends shop. They fixed the problem and then 1 year and 1 month later (after warranty was up) it went out again. Took it to another shop and the same problem happened a year later. Finally I took my car to All German Auto and they called me within the hour to say that the bearing had gone out but also the hub is tweeked and needed to be replaced. I had the car back that day with the issue fixed and the car has never run better.

More recently I had some hesitation problems and they quickly assessed my issue and fixed it by replacing the spark plugs. They even fixed a coolant hose for free. I must say that I am proud to own my car again.

The technicians are awesome here and do not beat around the bush. If they spot a problem with the vehicle they will notify you about the issue but will not hassle you into emptying your wallet to fix the problems. They let you fix it at your own pace.

I only wish I had more cash to take my car in and get it running like new. If I had the cash I would drive over to All German right away.

Oh and they do an awesome job washing your car for you after service.

By Colin M.
All German Auto

Ditto, ditto, ditto! This is the only place I trust with my car. I love the service, the prices and I don't ever feel like I am being sold work that I don't need. It is actually a pleasant experience when my car needs a little TLC :)

By Tamitha M.
All German Auto

I've taken my Mini Cooper - long out of warranty - in here for a couple of major repairs, and I've been very happy with them. Cameron is always friendly and helpful. The prices they charge are far less than the quotes I received from Brecht, and I don't feel like they try to do unnecessary work. The first time I took my Cooper in, they ran diagnostics several times and put in 4 quarts of synthetic oil and didn't charge me a dime. I'll be taking my Cooper back to them any time I need service; I just wish I could take my Toyota to them as well.

By Dave A.
All German Auto

my bmw recently came out of warranty. being a woman i was afraid that all auto repair shops were the same as the dealer. a girlfriend of mine that also owns a bmw recommended that i take my car to all german auto for a check-up, and i was pleasently surprised that they did it for no charge..i was surprised to find a clean, professional, and honest independent shop to take my
beloved bmw to whenever it needs anything!!!

By Elizabeth L.
All German Auto

We were fortunate to find All German Auto about 11 years ago when we bought our Mercedes wagon. We now have 322,000 miles on that car and that is because of the loving care it has received at AGA.
We have always experienced the utmost in professionalism with every visit to AGA. Troy and Cameron at the front desk know German cars like very few people. By describing a noise, smell, shake or any experience with the car they can tell us what is causing it, what it will take to fix it, how long it will take and what we need to be on the road again and they are usually dead on accurate! More important than telling us what we need, Troy and Cameron are quick to point out what we don't need and how to extend the time before a repair is required. They are always honest with their assessment of how to save money without cutting corners but also right on when it comes to telling us when we must fix something right away.
We bought a BMW 5 Series wagon about five years ago from All German Auto and the customer service we received after the sale was an experience like no other car dealer. Years later they were still standing behind the sale and repairs. It is still running strong and like a new car. Martin and Jane Christensen the owners of AGA are hands on owners always staying on top of every aspect of their business with attention to detail being their focus. The bottom line the place is really cool...from the showrooms with incredible cars to the spotless service bays and the super knowledgeable professional mechanics. Everyone at All German Auto just exudes confidence!!!
We decided when it came time to buy our latest car last month that the only choice we had was to buy another German car. With Martin's advice we found a BMW 3 Series convertible. Of course before we bought it Martin and Cameron gave it a complete check and pronounced it worthy of being part of the All German Auto family...and family is always how we have always been treated at AGA..we call them our Automotive Angels!

By Sandra

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