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All German Auto

I brought my Mini into All German Auto last week and the service was awesome! My service advisor was extremely knowledgeable and showed me what great customer service is. The service was done in a reasonable time and my car even came back to me cleaner than I left it. I am very particular about where I have my cars serviced and I definitely trust this company!

By Tyler I
All German Auto

I'm the owner of two Porches and many other German cars in the past. I can say the experience at all German auto was way better than any dealer I have ever been to.

By Kelly H.
All German Auto

Also had problems with Brecht MINI... I really don't care for their new service advisor.

All German Auto took the time to listen to my concerns, check the car over, run diagnostics, and give me some thoughtful advice- FOR FREE- they did not charge me one cent.

These guys are a Class A+ operation. They actually genuinely care about their customers. As a consumer you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking your car here!

By Annmarie G.
All German Auto

Hey, I just (sort of) found $2500! Long story short: took my car to Brecht BMW, the only Mini Cooper dealership remotely close to San Diego, asked them to look at my clutch since the car seemed to shudder when I disengaged in first gear. They determined it needed to be completely replaced--not covered by my extended warranty, of course--which would set me back at least $2000. The car was only four years old, so this seemed odd. I asked around for a good dealership alternative, and several trusted car geeks recommended All German Auto, who then quoted me $1400 for a new clutch. When I told the Brecht rep this, he responded that their work cost more because it was guaranteed for two years. I drove a few blocks to All German and within an hour, their service rep Troy called to let me know there was nothing wrong with the clutch. In fact, after two different people drove the car, both concluded that the clutch was quite strong. As a precaution, Troy asked if I'd come drive the car to see if I could duplicate the shudder. I drove the car down the street and Troy diplomatically pointed out that I was releasing the clutch too slowly and not getting enough rpms before shifting into second gear. With a little practice on my clutch technique, problem solved! Feeling both grateful and suddenly rich, I asked if they'd flush the power steering, brake, and coolant fluids, and give my car an oil change (all for about 1/2 of what Brecht quoted) while I was already there. They also washed and vacuumed my car, which it definitely needed. Final note: it may make sense to go to the dealership if your car is still under its original warranty; and to be fair, the Brecht greeter was very friendly and gave me lots of Mini Cooper swag (my favorite: a lightning bolt-shaped air freshener that "smells like action"). Still, when faced with the prospect of dipping into my savings for expensive repairs I don't need, I'll gladly forego the swag and take my car to All German Auto from now on.

By Sarah S.
All German Auto

I was practically drooling when I walked in here. Dinan M5's, 911 turbos, M3's and a few other rare gems. I approve. Wholeheartedly. No rice rockets for this Asian guy. When I eat I'm usually Asian but when I drink I'm Irish and when I drive I'm German.

They had a car for sale here that I had my eyes on for weeks. After a few phone calls I finally went and looked at it in person. I was introduced to Anthony, the sales manager. Pretty cool guy. Hes the guy that I had been talking with since the beginning and for a car salesman he was pretty chill. Believe me, I know some shady car salesmen. I know how they operate. Im in the industry and Ive seen it all. Well, I would like to think that Ive seen it all. I probably havent.

After checking out the car and test driving it I decided that I liked it enough to do some real negotiations. It was what I wanted. The right color, the right year so why not. Although I wasnt crazy about the interior color I convinced myself that I could live with it.

I made an offer. Very quickly received a counter offer. Made my own counter offer. Received a final counter offer. F that. I countered that final offer.This was on a Friday. I told Anthony that I would like to think about it over the weekend. He says that it was fine. I went home to figure out how I was going to get up there the next day because I knew that the next time I saw the car I would be driving it home.

Anthony calls me the following day and tells me that my counter offer was reconsidered and that they would be willing to meet me in the middle. Fine with me. I half expected them to reject my offer completely.

So the very next day I was back at the lot. Reinspected the vehicle and showed it to my brother and a friend who drove us up there. Went into the sales office, signed some documents and made the deal happen.

Turns out, after the deal was done , Anthony and I discovered that we had some mutual friends. Dude knows my cousin also. It truly is a small world that we live in.

By Nick T.
All German Auto

Thank's Tom
All German Automotive is the best you can ask for. Great prices GREAT service and totally professional. I took my Mercedes 500 SL to BIG REDS AUTOMOTIVE IN ESONDIDO, THEY DID NOTHING BUT MESSED UP MY BRAND NEW AC PUMP CHARGE ME A BOAT LOAD OF MONEY FOR NOTHING BUT A UN-DRIVABLE CAR. All German fixed my car the very next day and the service advisor, Tom,said easy if you know what you are doing. Don't ever take your car to BIG REDS AUTOMOTIVE THEY don't know the first thing about Mercedes benz other than how to check the dip stick if they can find it.

Paul Pelkey

By paul pelkey
All German Auto

Hello Martin and everyone at All German Auto,
Well the story began one day at work, I was walking to my 745LI in the parking lot and I viewed a puddle of anti-freeze under the engine. Open her up and checked, couldn't see anything at the time. Added water and went home. At home she leaked more, so I got underneath and there I located the dreaded weeping hole leak from the manifold. Having read many forums and threads, I knew this was the dreaded center of the universe problem that all 745 owners are worried about. Contacted my local BMW dealer, they quoted $8700 for labor and $2800.00 for parts, I was like FORGET THAT!! ARE YOU CRAZY!!! For that price I might as well buy a new car. But having read Bimmerfest and the links to AGA, I knew the solution. So I called up AGA, ordered my crossover pipe and the additional kit, total cost $899.00, overnight delivery then I ordered a new Water Pump and Belts and hoses and got to work. Total cost for everything needed $1400.00. I waited until Friday, got the car up on front ramps and started to go to work. I had reviewed the Youtube video martin had done, and I knew the TIS direction to get everything done. Started with the crossover pipe, it was so easy to put this in, after getting the corroded and failed seal out and cutting the pipe with my recip saw it was easy pickings to it out, then putting the AGA pipe in was too simple. I put the new valley pan on and then closed her up, new pipes to the water pump, and then put the water pump back on and put new BMW antifreeze in. Wife got in the car, turned the ignition and without a hitch she came back to life, no leak, no weeping - nothing. Brand new in my opinion, and after 2 weeks post the repair, she runs smooth as silk. Savings for me - well over $9500.00 USD, and after reviewing the old crossover pipe verse the one from AGA, no doubt a bad design and vulcanizing the seal on as well was not smart. The AGA design is superior, and the pipe will last way longer then the ownership of this car, having already had her 7 years, I see her going way over another 7 with this repair completed. Thanks Martin, and thanks to Julie for an awesome turnaround on my order. Sincerely, Peter Meister

By Peter Meister
All German Auto

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to send a note, but your great support will always be a part of my history on the 1995 SL320 I purchased last February. I left California the Friday morning I left your shop (after you gave a quick look-see for another fluid leak) and pulled into my driveway in Virginia Beach that same Sunday night. The car ran like a sewing machine and performed like a champ, but I was able to enjoy the drive with peach of mind that you had gone over the vehicle and serviced it before my trip. I’d be please to be listed as a reference and certainly a satisfied customer. I can’t say enough how thankful I was to have such a competent group of professionals available in my time of need.
Three thousand miles away from home with a fifteen year old car that is smoking and leaking fluid and needing to depart on a cross-country trip in three days. You probably don’t have a customer like that every day, but you can certainly say, from my experience, that you are ready to handle such a customer at any time. You nailed my specific problem, gave me a fair price, accomplished the service to meet my critical time frame and were a real pleasure to deal with. I even appreciated the unsolicited opinion on the car I had purchased and your evaluation of its overall condition and the general reliability of the vehicle.
Again, I have an excellent Mercedes-only service in Virginia Beach for comparison, and I can say that All German Auto is top-notch and of the highest caliber. Best regards and thank you again…

Russ Cooper, PE Virginia Beach, VA

By Russ Cooper
All German Auto

In these hard financial times, I've been regretting my purchase of a MINI Cooper rather than a more affordable Japanese car or something. But no more! The fact that buying German allows me to take my car here makes it worth it! These guys are awesome. It was time for an inspection and I had been putting it off. I didn't even both calling Brecht BMW...I don't need to spend 10 minutes on hold to find out that it would cost me an arm and a leg. I called another shop that I had heard about and they just wanted the leg. So I finally called All German Auto and they gave me a super reasonable quote! I scheduled for the next day. They drove me to work and picked me up when the car was ready (the driver was really nice too!). I walked in expecting that they'd find a whole slew of other things wrong and had to pay for it. NOPE! I paid exactly what they quoted me. They told me about things that they checked that looked good and didn't replace because they didn't need to. And told me that my car was running great! I love this place. And to top it all off...my car was the cleanest it had been since I bought it!!! All German Auto ROCKS!

By Jen T
All German Auto

I won't repeat what the two previous reviews had covered since they said it all. My Audi goes to AGA and never to my dealer. The dealer can't do anything right and often over charge.

All German Auto gets my vote!


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