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All German Auto

Long story short: took my car to Brecht BMW, the only Mini Cooper dealership remotely close to San Diego, asked them to look at my clutch since the car seemed to shudder when I disengaged in first gear. They determined it needed to be completely replaced--not covered by my extended warranty, of course--which would set me back at least $2000.

The car was only four years old, so this seemed odd. I asked around for a good dealership alternative, and several trusted car geeks recommended All German Auto, who then quoted me $1400 for a new clutch. When I told the Brecht rep this, he responded that their work cost more because it was guaranteed for two years.

I drove a few blocks to All German and within an hour, their service rep Troy called to let me know there was nothing wrong with the clutch. In fact, after two different people drove the car, both concluded that the clutch was quite strong. As a precaution, Troy asked if I'd come drive the car to see if I could duplicate the shudder. I drove the car down the street and Troy diplomatically pointed out that I was releasing the clutch too slowly and not getting enough rpms before shifting into second gear. With a little practice on my clutch technique, problem solved!

Feeling both grateful and suddenly rich, I asked if they'd flush the power steering, brake, and coolant fluids, and give my car an oil change (all for about 1/2 of what Brecht quoted) while I was already there. They also washed and vacuumed my car, which it definitely needed.

Final note: it may make sense to go to the dealership if your car is still under its original warranty; and to be fair, the Brecht greeter was very friendly and gave me lots of Mini Cooper swag (my favorite: a lightning bolt-shaped air freshener that "smells like action"). Still, when faced with the prospect of dipping into my savings for expensive repairs I don't need, I'll gladly forego the swag and take my car to All German Auto from now on!

By Sarah S.
All German Auto

All German Auto is great. Called and spoke with Cameron, the service manager. I told him about my BMW problem, and told him both BMW dealerships could not fix the problem. He said knew what the problem was, and was right! Both BMW dealers wanted some huge estimate to try to fix my BMW! My husband took his new Porsche to Cameron and said he is never going anywhere else! Thank You All German Auto!

By Clanch C.
All German Auto

Incredible technicians, the same computers the dealers use for diagnosis, they work on all German cars... Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW and Porsche. I have or have owned two Mercedes, a Porsche, and six BMWs. I currently have five cars. I never buy new ones. I have purchased two high end cars from them, a Dinan 5 and a Carrera 4s; Excellent! These guys stand behind their work and know these cars better than the dealers. They will drive you home and come back and get you. IF it's a huge job sometimes they will rent you a car! I have been to most of the BMW shops in the county over the last 22 years. I have been a loyal AGA customer for the last 7. If you can't get satisfied by their work and service then you'll just have to stop driving cars.

By Q.A. Encinitas, CA
All German Auto

Hi Judi,
Just wanted to thank you and AGA for your quick response and help with my coolant leak, received the pipe with UPS within three days super service, have now had the pipe fitted by my workshop and they were impressed by the pipe and the solution found by AGA for this problem, using your instruction manual and a roughly translated German version the workshop fitted the pipe in seven hours, just to be fully sure as the car was dismantled anyway and due to the mileage (approx 110.000 miles) I also had them exchange the Water pump although this is not a must. Once again I take this opportunity to thank you and AGA, not only for your solution but also for the vast saving I have now made the repair in total with all parts (incl. water pump) and labor cost me now only $1,900 and BMW Germany quoted me at least $5,600 but as you know once BMW get started on a car the cost for the repair would have been more than the quote…… Pete Thomas

By Pete Thomas
All German Auto

Hi Martin and all,
I took my car into my local BMW for a water leak in the UK they told me it was water pump at a cost of near £700 pounds, needless to say it didn't cure the problem.  Then they told me it was crossover pipe as well as water pump.  When they told me it was book time of 38 hours labor but the last one thay changed took them 60 hours.  Looking at the economics of bmw repair in my eyes the car was scrap at 61,000 miles, then I found All German Auto's GREAT product ordered it arrived in 3 days to UK, great service. Took it to a local garage they said they would do it after watching your very good video. So Wednesday morning at 9 am they started work on it and at 4 pm I had a call to say it was done. Whole job was less that £1000 pounds thanks to your product,  so I went for a drive, done 500 miles and not a drop of water lost. Once again, thanks to you and your team. Can't praise you all enough.


By john roxborough
All German Auto

Hello Martin and all employees at All German Auto

I wanted to write this to anybody that has a problem with The coolant crossover in their BMW. I noticed a large amount of coolant leaking from my car. I thought maybe the radiator broke. I took the car to my Local BMW dealership and quickly learned some VERY bad news. The dealership told me that my Coolant crossover was broken. The service manager began to tell me what had to be done to fix it. The Engine would have to be taken out and apart. The suspension would have to be dropped. The total cost for this would be $11,000.00. I immediately did not know what to do and told him that I would have to get back to him. I did not have the money and even if I did, I would not spend it on fixing that car. I was distraught at the fact that my 2003 BMW 745 LI with only 96K miles on it was out of service. In my mind I had given up hope of salvaging my car that I loved. After a few weeks of worry, I happened to come across Martin and the All German Auto. He explained that he was working on a proto type that would help me. I felt like this was a blessing and gave my car to them without a second thought. They worked on the car for about three weeks while they had to manufacture the part that they had designed. When I went to pick up my car I was amazed that Martin actually apologized for taking so long (I would have waited longer-Didn’t care how long it took). The amount of money I saved was more than enough. They showed my friend and I the part and we both commented that BMW should have made it that way. I look forward to doing business with this shop. I was amazed that the shop was clean, the employees were knowledgeable and happy to be working there. If you would like to ask me any questions about how the car is running, I just drove it to Vegas.

By Scott Monson

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