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All German Auto is proud to be an Authorized Dealer of Evolution Motorsports performance parts.

Evolution Motorsports exists to satisfy their customers’ addiction to speed and passion for high performance. To a German car enthusiast, cars are a passion and a lifestyle; they are more than a means to get to and from work, but an expression of who we are as people. An extension of our personalities: unique, aggressive, strong, and powerful.

Evolution Motorsports can help make each drive more enjoyable, more intense, and less mundane—to help transform your car from the ordinary into the extraordinary.



Evolution Motorsports Products We Offer:

All German Auto offers a wide array of performance upgrades from EvoMS. Visit our showroom anytime to see what we have in stock. Because everyone's taste is different, we may not have your favorite parts on hand today, but we can always order parts for you straight from EvoMS’s warehouse. So, stop by our shop today and we'll help take your car to the next level.

Porsche Wheels


Engine Tuning and Exhaust


Performance Software from EvoMSIT